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The biggest challenge I face managing a business which is labor intensive is to understand the circumstances under which or the which have forced a person to react the way he/she is reacting. And one thing is sure that at … Continue reading

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Improving Cash flows – Inventory is the Key

I am currently following a very interesting discussion in one of Linked in groups. The moderator has raised a question “If you could do only one thing to improve cash flow, what would you do?”. There are variety of answers … Continue reading

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The Emerging Role of CFO

It can be safe to say that traditional roles of finance function are now taken for granted. The rules of the game have changed for CFOs, reflecting a more uncertain, dynamic and global economic environment in which their businesses operate. This is made more complex by extraordinary rate of technological change. This future environment presents enormous challenges for CFOs, but it also provides a great opportunity for ambitious finance professionals seeking a rewarding and enriching career. Aspiring CFOs with commercial exposure, who have developed their non-financial expertise and can be savvy in the boardroom are the ones to watch. Continue reading

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It is time to be little optimistic

Indian economy witnessed its maximum growth in recent years in FY 2006-07 where the growth was reported at 9.4%. Post 2006-07 the economy slumbered at an agonizing and painful pace. According to a recent survey, Factory output in India for … Continue reading

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Sustainable Business – Need of the Hour

From the traditional goal and objective of business of  maximizing  profits, Managers are now talking about creating values. It can be safely said that the neo age managers look upon maximizing prosperity rather than maximizing profits. Prosperity is a greater  challenge  than profit as … Continue reading

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Performance Vs. Conformance

January 1948. Mohammad Ali Jinnah had decided to be adventurous and had pushed mujaheedeens in Kashmir Valley. India had just gained independence and was under charm of Lord Mountbatten and Mahatma Gandhi. Though it is ironical in many ways but … Continue reading

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