The biggest challenge I face managing a business which is labor intensive is to understand the circumstances under which or the which have forced a person to react the way he/she is reacting. And one thing is sure that at that level, business can be managed by managing people who in turn manage processes. Hence managing people is the only thing a CEO or a person heading business is supposed to do.

Most of us reach this stage of our career due to abundance of Technical skills. But having reached this stage, many (might) find difficult to hold on due to immature people skills.

I do not consider myself as a Guru but still take liberty of offering basic advise. This will in some way help them in managing people better and accomplish better things.

  1. Be sensitive about the way you ask for work
  2. Be ready to manage conflicts
  3. Set easy goals for them. Congratulate them and make them feel great when they achieve those goals, howsoever trivial they might be
  4. The golden rule, before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes. Practice this
  5. Know and understand your team. Develop them as a team and not as individuals
  6. Meet as often as possible with them. Give feedback, Ask for ideas, Motivate, Make them feel great
  7. Be visible and accessible. Practice and open door policy
  8. Reward them
  9. Coach them. Be a Mentor
  10. Soft skills are tough or almost impossible to develop. Hence rather than pushing people to pick up new things, ask them to better what they already have. If they had the knack of developing soft skill at that age, they would most certainly be in your positionMentoring-Pic-1

Point no. 10 throws up an interesting irony. It is true that soft skills cannot be developed. But they can be improved to such an extent that it almost looks like an innovation if not development. the greatest of tool to achieve that is to exercise empathy.

Empathy seems to be a simple world. Prophetically, everybody feels he/she is exercises empathy but it is a difficult and if you are a person who exercise selfdom, it is almost an impossible trait to exhibit.

To exercise empathy, one has to think beyond oneself and his concerns.


Ask yourself, can you or are you doing following. If yes, you are exercising empathy. If no, you may be extremely successful but when you retire, you may not have friends you can count upon.

  1. Looking beyond your own viewpoint
  2. Validating others perspectives
  3. Listening and giving importance to what others say


The greatest service you can do to yourself is to develop an emphatic attitude. It is like Newton’s law. The more you want to understand people, the more they would want to understand you ans in the process you will build a progressive, co-operative and collaborative environment which is driven by teamwork.


About bsbasan

Professional with over 20 yrs of experience managing business. A strategist, A thinker and an innovator. Experience in cross sectional functions in various industries like Chemicals, Apparels, Retails,Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Services. Proven experience in Business Development, P&L,Finance, Risk Management, Strategic planning and organizational transformation. 20+ years record of success managing corporate finance & business operations for growing manufacturing companies with multistate and international operations. Made break-through improvements in business processes utilizing lean methodologies and Six Sigma principles. Currently designated as Chief Executive Officer of Texport Syndicate India Limited
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2 Responses to Empathy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sir. ..awesome n well said..Team just called will not do. ..The feeling of TEAM n oneness is very much required….
    If appreciated for the work…The mind will get prepared to accept the next level of task..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very true

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