Jai Hind….. Jai Ho

It is a wonderful Sunday today. Personally it becomes more blissful for me as I am enjoying an exquisite family holiday in Coorg. It is in the midst of a coffee plantation and I am totally secluded from the mechanized world we live in.

Why I am bothering to tell this. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost reason is to remind myself that what a wonderful country we Indians possess. The second reason is that our dynamic prime minister yesterday addressed the nation with a zest and fervour which was missing from Indian polity for such a long period. Third and not the least important of these is that I was reminded yesterday of a press comment made by one of a visionary Industrialist Mr.Narayanmurthy. Very Very surprisingly, Mr. Narayanmurthy slammed Indians and especially the youth of India for not having an earth shaking idea for last 60 years. Following is the link.


I have huge respect for Narayanmurthy. Every Indian should have. He is an icon. But with all due respects to him, I think he has gone berserk here. We as Indians do not have many Narayanmurthys to look upon and the youth of India need many of them to look upon. And for one of them to make such a statement is tremendously unfortunate.

Let us critically examine. Mr. Murthy talks about Invention and it is true we Indians may not have inventions in last 60 years to boast about but my question is what constitutes an invention. Does materializing the concept of steam engine only constitute an invention. Does only giving materialistic useables and wearables only constitute invention. Does a great Idea and a great practice does not constitute an invention. I am nobody as compared to Mr.Murthy but I would vehemently challenge him on this account.

Let us see what as a country we have achieved in last 68 years. I am more than 100% convinced that with the legacy we carried for ourselves, no other country in the world would have achieved so much as we Indians have. The listing is strictly not in chronological order as it hardly matters.

  1. At the dawn of independence our forefathers executed world’s largest merger and acquisition activity. 560 princely states of India were merged into a common dominion in almost bloodless operation.
  2. Few months into birth and we saved a disloyal and backstabbing neighbouring nation from going into bankruptcy. A deed we should never have done and should have allowed our neighbour to go into tatters. We still are paying a heavy price for that act of humanity.
  3. 18 bloodless change of power at centre. In a country which is plagued by illiteracy and caste divide, this is no mean achievement. We are probably the world’s most mature democracy.
  4. India was net importer of food grains and depended upon international food aid upto mid-1960s. We faced severe drought in 1965 and 1966 and were recipient of food aid under PL 480 act of U.S. government. However since than lot of scenario has changed thanks to significant policy reforms and green revolution in India. Today India has self-sufficiency in food production and exports various food grains. We are largest producers of fresh fruits, milk, pulses and oil seeds, sunflower seeds and second largest producers of wheat, rice sugarcane, potato, tea, cotton etc in the world. In addition to growth in total output, agriculture in India has shown an increase in average output per acre since independence. While our total population tripled since independence our food grain production more than quadrupled and there has been substantial increase in available food grain per capita.
  5. Indians have been able to develop one of the most envious space programmes in the world started in the year 1969 after their independence .Today we are launching various space programmes including Lunar and Mars mission,and commercial launching of satellites of developed nations at very low cost. We have benefited humanity by way of forecasting of cyclones in Indian peninsula thereby substantially reducing loss of life thanks to our space programmes.
  6. Indians have been able to pursue an independent foreign policy after independence and interference by outside powers have been zero, thanks to strides made by India in various fields like agriculture production, economic progress, space programmes, nuclear energy and defence.
  7. Only country in the world to give birth to another independent nation within 25 years of its independence. Indians waged the swiftest war in modern times with a technology which was dilapidated as compared to our aggressive neighbour. Mighty sabres were blown into pieces by tiny Gnats and the world watched in awe. It incidentally was a major diplomatic win also as the American fleet was waiting in Indian Ocean to launch missiles on us. Had we held the aggression for another 48 hours, there would have been a different map on google today.
  8. One of the five nations to develop nuclear submarines
  9. Lowest cost producer of Steel, Almunium, Cement, fertilizer. Lowest cost delivery of wireless telephony. Developed world’s lowest cost supercomputer.
  10. We are now the third largest economy in world in terms of size and is tipped to take over Japan and China in next 15-20 years.
  11. India gave birth to micro finance which now rules the development schemes in all underdeveloped nations.
  12. Fiscal policy given by Mr.V P Singh, the then finance minister in 1987 still is the backbone of all financial reforms in all underdeveloped economies of the world.
  13. Four major wars inflicted on a young nation. Comprehensively won three of them. Fourth one (China) was lost only due to a tactical blunder by the then polity which chose to still believe in the goodwill generated pre-war due to Panchsheel Principals. Else our country was on top of the situation in that war too.
  14. The only country to have a strong and mature political system in place. Look around us, every country around us has faced and is continuously facing military coup. Why we have never faced the same. If we believe in good luck, we all the sadly mistaken. Our forefathers painstakingly built up a system which political system thrived. If you do not believe it, please read this…. http://scroll.in/article/731426/why-there-has-never-been-a-military-dictatorship-in-india
  15. India is now the only developing nation sending satellites into geo sync orbit. And the cost at which it send is mouth watering. All the so called developed nations now line up at India’s doorstep to make that happen for them at that cost.
  16. India is the second country to send satellite to Mars. And the cost at which it has done it…. Well we all know what it means

I can go on and on. I have not yet even touched Yoga, Culture, IIT, Bollywood, Medical Sciences, Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh. Most of you might be amazed at finding Guru Gobind Singh here. But Lord McCaulfey has written about Guru Gobind Singh that “If the english militia had even one general with the prowess, might, wisdom, courage, foresightedness and leadership qualities of Guru Gobind Singh, English empire would have survived for another 500 years.”

Sorry Mr. Murthy, your notions are misplaced. On one side we have you and on another side we have Mr. Modi who brings faith and hope upon all of us.

Today Salman Khan inspires me more than Mr. Murthy. In his not so noteworthy and dismissive movie “Jai Ho” he says just do three good deeds for every good deed which comes your way. We just are in need of that kind of motivation. Nothing else. What if every able bodied individual Indian follows the principal propagated by Salman Khan, where will we reach. Even sky is not the limit then.

Well I am exercising it in my life. So are wonderful people around me. In next 8-10 years, we are confidant to develop a mesmerizing aura around us and then we will create a snowball effect out of it.

What we need from you Mr. Murthy is a mentorship and a confidant atmosphere that all our endeavours will be recognized and if found palatable, will be nurtured. Only an approach like that will help us creating a strong India. The youth is energetic, hopeful, restless, and positive but at the same time is intolerant also. Cynicism is not going to work at all.


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